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Visual Artist :

sculptures, paintings, drawings, installations

Manuela Cordenos’ work places the human figure as the main object and source of inspiration. Her approach is centred on exploring the representation of the human body - of the various Body States - as she seeks to go beyond capturing its visual appearance only. Her work spans across these various states, each shape arising from the tension between representation and actual presence. The figurative approach vanishes slowly in the distance while the mimetic representation remains, and it is through this shift from resemblance to expression that emotion finds a way to emerge and to be immersed in…

Drawings, Paintings, Sculptures and Voluminous Installations: the work is diverse in its approach but the focus remains the same.

Artistic background : 

Visual Artist, Associate of Arts and specialist in the History of the Arts, Manuela CORDENOS was born in Strasbourg in 1964, where she studied and graduated with a Bachelor of Visual Arts and a Bachelor of Applied Arts from the Strasbourg University of Social Science. She has her workshop, lives and works in the South of France, in Carry-le-Rouet and in Aix-en-Provence.

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