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Portraits, Graphical Variations & Others


Graphical signs, writings, traces, prints all collide in a free interpretation of the universe of visual and metal evasion. Portraits made of images and of words invite the viewer to meet important Historical characters or, simply through anonymous portraits, constitute a variation around the theme og thoughts and dreams.


I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

Lines representing letters, pieces of words, free forms, prints, sets of abstract or figurative patterns overlap and combine to form visual variations around the theme of graphism and open the door to imagination.


Cosmic egg or the relative drama of a broken egg


Mixed techniques (inks, acrylic and collage) on paper, format 295(H) x 190(l)


Which of the chicken or the egg  is the first? From this fundamental interrogation, the questioning moves on to the Theory of Evolution and beyond it to the Enigma of the Universe, the Origin (the cosmic egg - cosmological concept -)...


Indeed, through all times and across most lands the egg symbolises birth and resurrection, that is to say the periodical novation.

Hence the egg, seen as the container of the seed from which reality will emerge, is a universal symbol; the birth of the world from an egg is an idea shared by the Celtics, the Greeks, the Egyptians, the Phenicians, the Cananeans, the Tibetans, the Hindous, the Vietnamese, the Chinese, the Japanses, the siberian populations and the indonesian populations, and many more still.


The oldest cosmological conception of History is without a doubt that of the cosmic egg (...). According to this naïve concept, the Universe has to look like an egg. More than four thousand years have passed since this first conception of the Universe until that of today, the "Big Bang", and one of the least contested phenomena remains that of the expansion of the Universe, which has been named the expansionist spiral (objective curvature of the cosmos); which is nothing else but the famous logarithmic spiral.


This spiral seems to underpin all the mathematical complexity of our universe. This said, we can see that at the very centre of this spiral, hence from the smallest of all units, that is the One, there exists, during the first revolution (the first time) an inter-stratal environment within which the conditions for the appearance of matter exist.

The reversed rotation of the cosmic spiral completes a shape which, one could say, is the Egg-Universe (...)


                                                            (Sources: Dictionnaire des symboles, and the cosmic egg theory according to Richard Le Bon)


Out of all this data, the project takes into account the chicken and all that is related to it: egg / chicken / spiral / the infinitely large / the infinitely small / movement / relativity / space / time / container-contents / universe / the part and the whole... to propose a new look over the relative drama of a broken egg (?)




                                                                                                                                                                Manuela Cordenos

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