States of Figure


States of Figure


Duo & Co

Through the looking glass





Inks and watercolours


Serie small and medium sizes

(between 24 x 31 and 33 x 40 cm frame excluded)



States of figure, states of being, the appearance of an ever-changing figure


Dream of a figure which carries its own flight within itself,

Here and there, vibrant and still at the same time,

Dream of a line which carries its breath within itself,

Its colour spreads out beyond its boundaries,

Its texture feels like flesh,

Its surface just a membrane...

Shake its body, if need be reduce it to fragments... make the figure vanish to let it

be born again in the body of the paint


Between gentleness and violence


Manuela Cordenos' works all swing between gentleness and vulnerability. The human bodies which she draws display fragility in their nudity, tugged between the gentleness of their warm hues and the violence of a technique which scratches, occults, adds cracks and puffiness.

The emergence and dissolution of shapes opens us up to a new space « violence is not aimed at the body but at its representation ».


                                                                                                                                                                 Philippe Marguelon

etat de figure H50Xl40 cm

Encres et acrylique sur papier. 30 X 40 cm